Marketing Videos and Infomercials

One of the most dynamic and compelling ways to market products today is through video technology. Videos can be sent literally anywhere via the Internet, CD-ROM(Ultra Media), DVD, cable television, broadcast television, corporate multi service networks... the list goes on. Today video has become a very powerful and effective way of promoting products on the Internet. Let Rumford Productions help you to use the "Power of Video" to attract new customers and educate them on your company's value. Videos can be used in the office, on the road, at tradeshows, lobby loops and even sent to potential customers who have responded to a free video offer from your company.

Live Event Coverage

Live events happen in real time and once they are over...they are over, there is no going back to get a missed shot. Event coverage is how we at Rumford Productions grew up in the video business. We have shot video under some of the most difficult lighting conditions and provided an accurate representation of the event. We do multi-camera shoots at live events to make sure of our ability to capture everything. This allows us to guarantee an overall wide shot while also getting close ups, extreme close ups in some cases. Video is an up close and personal business. Close ups make excellent shots to weave into the final production and gives viewers of your video a sense of being there and familiarity with the performers. Our powerful zoom lenses allow us to do this without interfering in any way with the audience or performers. When possible we will hard wire audio feeds and also work with the lighting people to get the best video. We also use wireless gear where necessary. Call us today to discuss your needs.

Camera Crews

Need a camera crew to capture an interview, event, business function, press release, celebration or other function but don't want to send your crew long distance? Rumford Productions can capture it for you and provide the raw footage or an edited version to suit your needs. Our crews use three chip broadcast quality cameras, wireless microphones of all types, lighting and any technology required to get the video you need for your project. Our footage has been used in local and national broadcast television as well as fortune five hundred companies for all purposes. Contact us today to see how cost effective we can be for your local video crew needs.

Training Videos

With today's economy and travel restrictions using video is a powerful way to extend the knowledge and talent of your best trainers to others. Once a training video is in the can it can be used for years and years to train and educate your company's employees, customers, distributors and resellers. Text, graphics and animation can reinforce understanding of abstract information. With the ability to distribute through VHS, CD-ROM, DVD, broadcast and cable television or across the web these training sessions can be when the recipients can work it in and not on a forced schedule. This makes learning easier and more interesting. Save time, travel, per diem, insurance and lost productivity by training through the use of video technologies.

Personal Promotion

Performers, artists, professionals can use the "Power of Video" to showcase their talents and services in DVD and online video clips. Rumford Productions has helped many people who needed to show themselves in performance, demonstrate their skills or to present their abilities in a manner that allows potential clients to see and hear them without the need for travel or special audition. In todays web savvy environment many people use their web site as a resume, biography and with video, an example of their skills. Video for use as a mailer or on web sites is an affordable and extremely effective means of marketing or promoting individuals in today's global web market.

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