What is Ultra Media?

A sophisticated melding of Digital Video, Music, Pictures, Graphics, Diagrams, Animation, Voice Overs, Text, Special Effects, Transitions and a little Magic made available in Digital Video, S-VHS, DVD, Digital Cards, and Web Streaming. Click here to see the power of video demo. 32.5MB (Requires a high speed connection. Right click the link and select "save target as" to download the video to your computer for local playing)

Why is it so effective?

CLARITY. Your product advantages are easy to understand.
IMPACT. We utilize an impressive blend of technology to rivet viewers attention. These include 3D animation, professional voice-overs, photo montages, digital effects, sound effects, and background music.
EASE OF DISTRIBUTION. Your powerful message can be used on your website, on video or DVD, or even affordable digital cards. This allows you to multiply your marketing presentations in situations where you don't have a large sales force. It allows your sales force to be even more effective with a presentation that blows your competitors away.

Is Ultra-Media expensive?

No, not for a short, clean presentation. The price really depends on your objectives and the length of your presentation. However, price is a good question. We encourage you to call and describe your needs. We'll give you some price guidelines right over the phone. Call toll free at (877)438-2259.

Rumford Productions offers you:

Dazzling ultra-media designs. Saturate the senses with a look that communicates at multiple levels.
STREAMING VIDEO. Watch the effectiveness of your website skyrocket!
3D ANIMATIONS. Bring your products to life!
PROFESSIONAL VOICE-OVERS. Sound professional to establish your credibility.
PHOTO MONTAGES Now you can showcase product features with stunning visual impact.
DIGITAL EFFECTS No one ever needs to be bored watching your presentation again!
SOUND EFFECTS Complete the impact!
BACKGROUND MUSIC Make your presentations flow with the proper pacing and emotional connection.
FLYING TRANSITIONS Your presentations will take off.

All of this technology is grounded in sound marketing thinking to help your company attain these goals:

Attract new customers.
Retain. existing customers.
Educate employees.
Gain publicity.
Improve the effectiveness of training programs.
Present complicated subjects in a comprehensible form.
Expand the reach of your company. Never have you been able to be in so many places at the same time.

Contact us today toll free at (877)438-2259 to discuss your business needs and reap the benefits of a powerful medium that will help you attract new business.